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motionVFX - mSpy (Ripped For Windows)

motionVFX - mSpy (Ripped For Windows)
mov, .PNG | Resizable | 24,0 fps | 1.58Gb

Toolset was not originally intended for use in Windows. Nevertheless, after extraction and adaptation to video editors, much of this collection will surely be useful for use in your production. Despite the fact that you lack some specific effkty used in FinalCut, in particular FILM-LIKE GRADES, the author managed to convert most of this wonderful set. For example, Motion Graphics - Hud Elements - special video effects with an alpha channel can ispolzovaniyatsya in any composition or non-linear editing software.

Demo 1

Demo 2


• Motions Graphics (.MOV & .PNG files) (1.08Gb):
49 Motion Graphic assets HUD Elements (49 folders).
• The Generator (Professional Cinematic Intro) (134Mb):
28 files (1 folder).
• Military Style Lower 3rd & Title (.MOV & .PNG files) (75.5Mb):
2 effects (2 folders).
• Effects (.MOV & .PNG files) (290Mb):
10 effects (10 folders). 5 secret visual FX ... 5 Confidential Transistions. Fonts (.TTF) (121kb):
2 True Type fonts.
• Film-Like Grades (2.37Mb):
No use to Windows AE or others.
• ProRes
• Cross Platform/Application Compatib

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