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Rampant Color FX for After Effects
03.01.2012, 11:39

Rampant ColorFX - 110 пресетов для After Effects 7.0, CS3, CS4, CS5 и CS5.5, предназначенных для уникальной, творческой настройки цвета в современных кинематографических стилях.
Эти пресеты просты в установке и использовании. Просто поместите их в папку пресетов, откройте After Effects, импортируйте футажи, перетяните их в сцену, дважды кликните для выбора желаемого стиля и всё готово. Пресеты работают во всех версиях After Effects
Rampant ColorFX - 101 Animation Cinematic Color Presets for Adobe After Effects. A wide variety of colorized looks that are compatible with AE 7.0, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5. Great for editors, compositors, and motion graphics artists. Easily create high quality cinematic looks on a tight schedule with ColorFX.

It's a diverse catalog of different colorized looks, intentionally designed to stylize footage in unique and creative ways, keeping fresh with current industry trends. Whether it's matching a post-process color identity, tweaking a look or simulating a style, chances are you'll find it in Rampant ColorFX. From warm old film styles to washed out light leaks to cool crisp highlights, it's in there. Give your footage a look that takes it beyond fresh out of the camera and give it some style.

Easy to Use - Rampant ColorFX Presets for Adobe After Effects are Easy to Install and use. Simply drop them into your presets folder, open up After Effects, import your footage, drop it in a comp, double click a desired look and your done.

Variety - With 101 different presets to choose from, Rampant ColorFX offers you a complete package of stylized looks. Washed film emulsion styles? In there. Bleach bypass? Yup. Color grades simulating today's cinema? Most definitely. Pulling off the impossible and giving video random and organic light leaks that can only be found in broken film equipment? Yeah, it's in there as well. Rampant ColorFX is a bag full of magic.

Quality and Compatibility - The presets in Rampant ColorFX are compatible with Adobe After Effects 7.0, CS3, CS4, CS5, and up. No need to worry about upgrading your software in order to upgrade your looks. The presets are also built to be resolution independent, meaning vignettes and effects that relate to screen size will work with your footage regardless of resolution.

Release Name: Rampant ColorFX for After Effects
Program Type: Presets for After Effects
Release Date: June 2011
Publisher: Rampant Media Design Tools
Homepage: _store.rampantdesigntools.com/pages/Rampant-ColorFx-Presets.html
Platform: AE 7.0, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5
File Format: .ffx
File Size: 15.16 MB

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