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PixImperfect – Preset Power
06.08.2022, 20:40

PixImperfect – Preset Power
RAR 200.5 MB


Preset Power are compatible with Premiere and After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic.

Preset Power совместим с Premiere и After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic.

The Preset Power are not simple presets. Every single Preset Power can give your photographs a mood, colors,
and an atmosphere with a strong visual impact.
Within each preset that you will find that the Preset Power pack is the result of constant research and improvement,
aimed at one goal: to give the eyes an extraordinary result every single time.
Keeping the colors consistent and uniform for each of your photographs, not only allows you to be perceived as a professional,
but above all, your potential customers will know in advance what they will get.
With the Preset Power you can
Immediately understand at a glance which treatments to give your photographs that creates images with a strong personality.
Create stunning images that stand out from the crowd with create your own unique style.
Give your photos a professional look with a simple click
Always have at your disposal an entire library of over 200 Presets completely different from each other.
Reduce editing by 10 times (achieving results with up to 10 times more powerful).

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