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EasyCam Camera Rig - After Effects Scripts (Videohive)
25.08.2015, 22:44

EasyCam Camera Rig - After Effects Scripts (Videohive)
Add-on Files Included .jsxbin | 18 April 15 | 10.47 Mb


EasyCam is a good time saver for users who work with 3D (2.5D) scenes inside Adobe After Effects. This expression-based Camera Rig allows you to easily control the camera in 3D environment. The possibility of such a camera you can appreciate in my last project.
Handy control system, based on PseudoEffects
Motion Easing system for creating smooth transitions
Possibility of baking camera for simple integration into another project or distribution as part of a video template.
Package Content
Script file
Video Tutorial
PDF help file

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